Zoom. A Virtual Success!

Since the lockdown restrictions were introduced in March last year, all of our projects came to a sudden halt. We are now quickly approaching twelve months since our projects were suspended and when it became obvious to us all that our projects would remain closed for a substantial amount of time, it meant we had to adapt the way we meet and deliver our services.

Amidst the chaos became opportunity and we were awarded funding from the LCR Cares fund that enabled us to start a virtual Zoom project.

Our Zoom sessions have allowed us to keep in touch with members on a regular basis, and since May we have held two Zoom sessions a week, on a Tuesday and Friday respectively. Whilst, like anything else, the attendances have fluctuated, it is to us, pivotal to the future of our Phab Liverpool that we continue to run our regular Zoom sessions. As now, more than ever, we just want all of our folks to know we are always here.

So what can you expect at our Phab Zoom session?

The majority of our sessions have just been a catch up with friends, whilst having a nice, relaxing cup of tea or coffee. For these sessions though we all need to bring our own cake, which, if you know anything about Phab Liverpool, you should know that our folks like their cake.

We have had a couple of quizzes including a Would I Lie You evening, which was very popular and lots of fun! Thankfully, nothing too shocking was revealed, so there is nothing to report on that aspect of the evening!

It has been an interesting transition for our projects and it’s good to see somethings never change too. There are a few individuals who literally never arrive on time, and even though you can join in with our Zoom project via the comfort of your own home, some folks still arrive late. We wont name names but if any of you know Ste, then you will know time keeping is definitely not one of his strong points!.

We are all itching for our projects to restart again and we all miss seeing our friends, for now though we will carry on with our Zoom project and keep in touch with our Phab people. If you’re interested in joining us for a Zoom chat then please just drop us a line at

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