The Beat of a Drum

Music and the creative arts have played a major role at Phab Liverpool over the years. One of the most popular activities that we have provided in recent times is drumming with Rhythm Reaction. In 2019, we ran a new project with Steve Shotton from Rhythm Reaction that would monitor the health benefits of drumming over a six week period and the Drum-a-cise at Phab Liverpool project proved to be an instant hit!

The activities we provide at Phab Liverpool are aimed at promoting inclusion whilst having a positive impact on both the physical and mental well-being of our members and service users.

Phil Peel, Project Manager at Phab Liverpool says there is always a great atmosphere at Phab when working with Rhythm Reaction and to provide a workshop that improves the lives of our members is something we simply couldn’t say no to.

“We always try and make our projects fun and exciting for our members”, he says. “All of the projects with Rhythm Reaction have been awesome and seeing our members indulge in the Drum-a-cise sessions really does show what Phab is all about”

“The drumming sessions are inclusive for people of all abilities and enable us to provide an activity that has a positive effect on the well-being of our members”.

During the six week project, participants included members, visitors and staff from Phab Liverpool. Becky Crossley has been part of the Phab Team for a number of years and thought the sessions were therapeutic.

“I really enjoyed the Drum-a-cise sessions as they were therapeutic, and they really helped me relax”.

As a Junior Volunteer, Becky’s sister Rhiannon also found the sessions beneficial and stated.

“I really enjoyed Drum-a-cise as it helped me feel calm and relaxed”.

As one of the founders of Phab Liverpool, Stephen Hunt has been involved with all of the projects that we have provided with Rhythm Reaction and said, “I really enjoyed playing the drums and learning different tunes”.

Being active and participating in sessions like Drum-a-cise and football are important to many of our Phab people. Sophie Coyne was first introduced to Phab Liverpool when joining our football team. Sophie thoroughly enjoyed the Drum-a-cise sessions and was intrigued by the methods used to measure the heart rate. Sophie said, “I thought the drumming was really good and it was interesting to see because you were able to find out what your heart rate is”.

All of the sessions were very energetic and the positive energy during the sessions was there for everyone to see. As one of our longest serving members of Natalie Moogan has also been involved with all of our projects with Rhythm Reaction. Although the Drum-a-cise sessions were a little different they were still very enjoyable.

‘I learnt new songs and I thought the drumming sessions were absolutely fabulous. My favourite part was playing all the different beats” Natalie stated.

Our Drum-a-cise project was a huge success and was something that all of our members enjoyed. All of our projects with Rhythm Reaction have been very popular. To run a project that caters for all of our Phab people, regardless of their ability, allows us to promote inclusion and make more of life together, which is what Phab Liverpool is all about.

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