Sophie's Story

In 2019 Sophie joined Phab Liverpool and has since become a very popular figure within our organisation.

I first found out about Phab whilst at Greenbank Sports Academy. I started taking part in the football team shortly after forming a bond with the coaches and my teammates after my first session and since joining, I haven’t looked back.

Once I had settled into the football team, I started to regain my links to other sports such as Boccia. I have taken part in many sessions with Phab since including “Drum A Cise” which took place on a Tuesday night as part of a project with Rhythm Reaction to boost fitness levels.

The Phab sessions at The Ark have enabled me to make some new friends who I speak to regularly outside of Phab. We all have disabilities which is good because we stay in touch and have a good connection with each other.

Phab has made me realise that inclusion is the greatest gift any person with a disability can receive.

No one wants to be made to feel left out from a group and at Phab we all include each other in everything we do. I don’t find disability to be a barrier as much since I came to Phab. I am still able to live a normal everyday life just as much as a non-disabled person. If I told someone I had a disability, they would not know unless I told them.

My other message to those with disabilities is you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be. Any obstacle that’s in the way, throw it out the window. In the words of the Activity Alliance: “Who Says You Can't?”.

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