Some Good News!

It goes without saying that we are missing our sessions and most of all, we are missing all of our wonderful Phab members and volunteers, and it is in these times that we all need some good news.

For any fans of The Office, John Krasinski has created the Some Good News channel, which is dedicated to highlighting good news from around the world and it is a highly recommended watch! While Krasinski is a well-known ‘funny guy’ you can certainly appreciate how genuine and passionate he is about SGN.

Many of the stories showcased on Some Good News are heart warming and it certainly brings a sense of community and togetherness during these difficult times and it also reaffirms the positive impact we are able to have on the lives of our members at Phab Liverpool.

It has now been almost three months since we suspended our projects and we are still not sure when we will be able to resume. As a team, we instantly acknowledged the impact the current climate would have on our most vulnerable members and we have been working hard to ensure we keep in touch with members on a regular basis. We initially started our virtual online Facebook sessions in March and in the past couple of weeks we have been using group video chats on Facebook to keep in touch with the majority of our Phab people.

Whilst there may not be any sessions at present, work behind the scenes at Phab Liverpool hasn’t stopped and we are delighted to announce our own good news that we recently secured funding from #LCRCares that will enable us to launch a new virtual project via Zoom. Our new project will enable us to provide Zoom sessions for our members on a weekly basis. If you haven’t heard of Zoom, let us give you a brief insight. Zoom is a video communications cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, and it will enable us to adjust the way we deliver our sessions.

At Phab Liverpool, one of the key aspects of our sessions is the ability to catch up with our friends. To be able to provide a virtual session via Zoom will help us keep in touch with more of our members on a regular basis and catch up virtually until we are able to resume our projects. We are all about making new friends and making more of life together and we are delighted the funding will enable us to still bring a smile to the faces of our members whilst we all adjust to the current climate.

Our Zoom project will not end when our projects resume though, far from it. We will be using Zoom at our project at The Ark and we will have dedicated time slots where our friends from all over the country and further afield can join in and get all the latest Phab news, it will also enable any members that may not be able to physically attend to keep in touch.

We must now of course thank everyone from the Community Foundation for Merseyside and #LCR Cares for choosing to fund our project. It really is greatly appreciated and will ensure we are still able to have a positive impact on the lives of our members.

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