Keep In Touch

Welcome to 2021.

It will be 13 years in July since we opened for our very first session at The Ark and we have made so many wonderful memories in that time, and we will make more wonderful memories together, that is for sure.

As we are unable to provide any updates regarding when our projects will be able to reopen safely, we will, for this year at least, make our newsletters more regular, and we intend our newsletters to be emailed out on a fortnightly basis.

Our newsletters will be full of information on how you can support Phab Liverpool along with any relevant Phab news, plus other additional content that we hope you will fully enjoy. You can sign up to our newsletter via our Homepage at and it really is an easy way of keeping up to date with Phab Liverpool.

It has been a turbulent time for many of our Phab people over the past nine months and we hope all of our members and friends know that we are always just a phone call or email away.

As the Government announced more restrictions, we know for many of our Phab people, it may cause feelings of panic, anxiety and loneliness. We would like to remind our members and friends how to contact us and keep in touch.

Stay safe everyone.

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