Behind the Mic

We have performed in front of live audiences and in front of the camera, and in 2016 we finally got the chance to get behind the mic, when we were approached by Liverpool Community Radio to create our very own one off radio show. It gave all of our members a chance to get involved in one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever done.

Our radio project definitely brought out the creative side of our Phab members and in the discussions leading up to the recording of the show our members decided that they wanted to tell the world what Phab and Phab Liverpool was all about.

Independent and community radio is a dynamic and great communication tool that enabled Phab Liverpool to promote our organisation to the local community of Kensington and Fairfield. The segments of our show were split into promoting the different projects that we ran at the time of airing and about the history of Phab, with a couple of songs thrown in along the way too.

The Phab people that worked on the show was a mixture of members and volunteers. One of our longest serving members is Natalie Moogan and through all of the planning and training Natalie thoroughly immersed herself into the project and it wasn’t the first time Natalie had been on the radio either!. Natalie said, “I really enjoyed working on the radio show with Dave and Tom from LCR, it was exciting to think that people could listen in and here what we do at Phab”.

It wasn’t just our members that were impressed though. Our Project Manager Phil Peel was involved with the recording of the show and said, “When we were approached by Dave from Liverpool Community Radio, I was certain from the first minute that it would be a project that we would love to get involved with”.

Our Player/Manager of F.C PHAB Liverpool was also involved in the recording of the project and was interested in how the show was produced and said, “I enjoyed doing the radio show and it was a great opportunity to learn how they do local radio”.

We have been based at The Ark in Fairfield since Phab Liverpool opened in July 2008. The project with Liverpool Community Radio certainly helped us to build our profile within Fairfield and Kensington area. The Phab Liverpool Radio show was one of the most exciting projects that our members have participated in and we would like to thank Liverpool Community Radio and especially Dave and Tom for all of their support in helping us record and produce our show.

Click HERE to listen to the Phab Liverpool Radio Show

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