A Christmas Tradition

On Sunday 6th December 2009, unknown to us at the time, a new Phab tradition officially started. It was the first year that members of our team completed the Santa Dash to raise funds for Phab Liverpool. It is an event we have completed each year and one we always look forward to. On what is usually a cold winters morning, our Phab Santa’s have dashed through blustering winds, rain, and sleet, all in aid of Phab Liverpool.

The Santa Dash is a 5k dash around Liverpool City Centre, and usually takes place on the first Sunday of December. The Santa Dash attracts people from all over the country and is one of the most popular events in the city. The Santa Dash starts at the Pier Head and the finish line is Liverpool Town Hall. When the Churchill Way Flyovers were still standing, the sight of them filled with thousands of Santa’s was always something quite spectacular.

The team at BTR Liverpool have always been helpful and supportive when we’ve registered for the event and it is a testament to BTR to how successful the Santa Dash event has become.

It was announced a few months ago that this years Santa Dash will be a virtual event, and with this in mind, we will not be taking part. We were all bitterly disappointed that the Santa Dash will not be taking place as usual this year and that it had been made virtual, but we fully understand the reasons behind the change, given the impact the pandemic has had on our city, it was clearly the correct decision.

This years Santa Dash was due to take place on Sunday 6th December, but the virtual event will now take place on Sunday 20th December. It goes without saying that we will miss our annual dash around Liverpool. We are already looking forward to the Santa Dash 2021 when we will once again take to the streets of Liverpool City Centre and raise funds for Phab Liverpool.

As the Santa Dash has become our annual fundraising event, it has played an integral part in enabling us to run our Phab Liverpool projects and this is something we will always be grateful for. Whilst we will not be dashing around Liverpool this December, if you choose to, you can still support Phab Liverpool by making a donation. All proceeds help us run our projects and enable us to provide social and leisure activities for our members.

Please click here for information on how you can support Phab Liverpool.

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