"the activities that we provide are all aimed at promoting equality and inclusion"

Phab Liverpool was founded in 2008 and is affiliated to Phab Limited which ensures we form a network of more than 150 Phab Clubs across England & Wales.

Phab Limited was founded in 1957, and our Project Manager Phil Peel spent five years as a Trustee of Phab Limited and was Chairperson of the Phab North Region between 2014 to 2019.

Our organisation was founded by Disabled people and the majority of our Phab Liverpool Team have more than 30 years experience of being involved within a Phab Club environment. It is their experiences at Phab that many of our Team cite as the inspiration for working for organisations such as Camp America, Barnardo's, Everton Football Club, and Liverpool Football Club.

The activities that we provide are all aimed at promoting inclusion and equality whilst also ensuring we are able to adhere to the Phab philosophy of 'making more of life together'. The knowledge and experiences of our founders, along with the dedication of our Team, have played a pivotal role in enabling us to deliver our projects.